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Jun 25, 2019

Practice Self-Care and Give Yourself Grace


1:22 The Importance of Making Self-Care a Priority

18:00 Giving Yourself Grace with Ashley LeMieux

44:15 Challenge to Act the Way You Want to Feel


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The Importance of Making Self-Care a Priority

The moment I became a momma, everything changed.

My first son, Carter, was born in January of 2015, and he instantly became my entire world. This tiny human consumed my every thought, concern and desire. It was beautiful and awesome, but it was also really hard.

Now, I’d gone through many hard seasons before this one. I’ve walked through seasons where I worked 80 hours a week, lost all my friends, and didn’t have much of a life outside of work.

But, for whatever reason, there’s nothing quite like that feeling of losing yourself when children come into the picture. Not only do they instantly become the center of your universe, but they also just need you a lot.

And that’s exactly what happened to me. I lost myself when I first became a mother. I no longer felt like Christy. I no longer felt like the young, independent, fun person I’d always known myself to be. I had so many interests—and I still do—but I wasn’t doing any of those things because taking care of Carter consumed my world.

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I know many of you have probably experienced this as well. You begin to create habits and grooves where all you think about is your kids. That was definitely me, even more so when Conley came into the picture a very short time later.

I got into a habit of identifying myself as Carter and Conley’s mom. That was my first point of identification. Now, I love being their mother. It’s the greatest joy of my life. But it’s not the only part of me.

I quickly realized that, in keeping up with the day-to-day demands of my job, my children and my household, the first thing to go was me. The first things to go out the window were my interests and anything that brought me joy and rest (outside of my family).

This was the first time in my life that I experienced this kind of guilt. Anything I wanted to do for myself felt selfish in the grand scheme of being a mom, so I wasn’t taking care of myself.

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Doesn’t this happen to so many of us? We forget about the things that make us feel like us: exercise, shopping, pedicures, time with girlfriends or time alone. Those things become luxuries we’ll indulge in only if there’s time leftover.

And you and I both know there is never time leftover.

There will always be something more demanding of your time, attention and energy until you put yourself at the top of your priority list.

Self-Care Is Your Responsibility

If you feel rushed, run down, busy, burned out, grumpy or resentful in your own life, it’s probably because you haven’t taken care of yourself. And there’s only one person who can fix that: you.

The most important truth you need to know about self-care is that it’s up to you. That’s why it’s called self-care. No one can do it for you. No one can make you take time off work, take a vacation, soak in a bubble bath, get a pedicure, or make you value yourself but you.

So, if you’re sitting around and waiting for someone to give you permission to take care of yourself, it’s not going to happen.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Loving your children more than life is not a bad thing. But, it’s still okay to want more for your life. It’s not wrong to have a busy season, but you have to stop putting everyone else first and then resenting them for it.

The truth is that what your people need from you more than a warm meal on the table or a ride to soccer is a woman in their life who has come alive—a woman who is full of joy and is confident and happy to be doing whatever it is she’s doing.

And, by the way, self-care is a way of life. It doesn’t mean taking a bubble bath once a quarter and hoping it’s going to wash your troubles away. I’m talking about valuing yourself and making yourself a regular, consistent priority in your own life.

It’s about filling your own tank.

It’s just like when you drive. If you run out of gas on the side of the road, it’s so much more frustrating and stressful to get the gas you need to fill up your car. But, if you keep your tank full, it’s pretty easy to stay moving and get a refill when you’re running low.

So, stop waiting until you’re on the verge of a nervous breakdown to throw up a flag, raise your hand, and ask for help. Stop waiting until there’s a crisis. Instead, keep your tank full.

Stop Apologizing for Taking Care of Yourself

So, how do you keep your tank full? Do the things you love to do regularly.

It might feel a little awkward or selfish the first time you do it. But I want you to know you don’t have to apologize for it—not the first time you do it or the hundredth time.

A few years ago, I was hanging out with some of my mom friends when one of them said she was taking a trip to Florida with a girlfriend. The exciting update was immediately followed by a long list of reasons she needed to go.

I wanted to stop her and tell her she didn’t have to explain herself. She didn’t need to have a list of reasons to take this trip. She didn’t have to validate it to us or to anyone else.

And I want to say the same thing to you today.

The sad part is that I don’t think my friend was trying to justify it to us. I think she was trying to justify it to herself to get through the guilt of doing something for herself.

The truth is that doing something for yourself should be a consistent priority, and you never have to be sorry for doing it.

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I’m not saying you should neglect your family or any of your responsibilities. I’m saying that, in order to take care of them, you have to take care of yourself. Taking care of yourself is not selfish. It’s self-preservation, and it’s smart.

So, let me ask you: What brings you joy? What gives you energy and fills your tank? What makes you feel rested?

Make a list, save it on your phone, or put it by your bedside, and then start to integrate those activities into your life—not just on your birthday or on a holiday, but on a regular basis.

When you do this, not only will everyone around you benefit but you’ll enjoy your life so much more.

Giving Yourself Grace with Ashley LeMieux

I’m so excited for you to meet my good friend Ashley LeMieux. She’s the founder of The Shine Project and Shop Ashley LeMieux. And she’s also the author of the upcoming book Born to Shine: Practical Tools to Help You Shine, Even in Life’s Darkest Moments. Ashley exemplifies this truth so beautifully. Despite the hard roads she’s walked, she shines so brightly.

About seven years ago, Ashley was fresh out of college, newly married, and working as an intern at an inner-city high school in Arizona. At that school, she worked with soon-to-be first-generation college students who didn’t have many resources or mentors to help them reach their potential and pursue higher education.

Ashely was so passionate about these students, and she wanted to be the person to help them build a successful life. She already had a successful blog called The Shine Project, so she used that platform to advocate for these students and raise money to send them to college. In her first year of doing this, she was able to raise enough money to send 10 students to their freshman year of college. It was an amazing accomplishment, but she wanted to do more.

Ashely felt strongly about building a business where these students could work while in college. So, she taught herself how to make jewelry, then taught the students to make it, and they sold the products online. Today, not only are these students learning a valuable skill, but through the sales, The Shine Project is able to send even more students to college.

On this episode, Ashley and I talk about:

  • Pushing past fear to make your dreams come true
  • Knowing what your next step should be
  • Taking care of yourself when devastation strikes
  • Turning your pain into your power
  • Giving yourself grace in difficult seasons

Challenge: Act the Way You Want to Feel

On the last episode of the podcast, I told you the story of my recent trip to the beach with my husband. We were so excited to be taking a vacation—just the two of us.

We had booked this amazing hotel that (based on the website’s photos and descriptions) we thought would be right on the beach. Unfortunately, when we arrived, we realized it was all a lie. The hotel actually sat on a busy street. As you can imagine, I was so disappointed.

I shared that story with you to challenge you to under-promise and over-deliver for your customers. But, today, I want to share the second part of that story.

After being completely frustrated by the hotel, I quickly started researching other hotels to see if I could find a last-minute room that overlooked the beach. I found one just down the street that looked beautiful, but it was so expensive. Plus, we would have had to pay a fee to cancel our current reservation. After about 20 minutes of research, I decided it wasn’t worth all the money and hassle.

I realized in that moment that I had two choices:

  1. I could continue being disappointed and get frustrated every time a motorcycle drove by.
  2. I could change my attitude.

I literally told my husband, “We’re not changing hotels. Instead, I’m going to change my attitude right now. I won’t bring this up again. We’re going to have an awesome vacation. Thank you for letting me explore my options, but now that we know it’s not right to move, we’re going to stay at our current hotel, and I’m going to have a great attitude about it.”

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In that instant, I flipped a switch in my mind, and I made a choice to have a great attitude.

Here’s what I want you to take away from that story: You’re going to find yourself in situations in which you’re unhappy or disappointed. It’s inevitable. If you can fix the problem, certainly explore your options. But, if you can’t fix it, my challenge to you is to change your attitude. Flip that switch in your mind, and let it go.

Not only will it benefit everyone around you, but you’ll have a much better time as well.

You are in control of your feelings. Your feelings are not in control of you. You don’t have to feel a certain way to act a certain way. You can act the way you want to feel, and your feelings will follow.

Jun 11, 2019

What would you do with a nine-hour layover in Chicago?

Would you:

  1. Keep it safe and sit at the airport reading a book to ensure you didn’t miss your connecting flight?
  2. Grab your best friend, do as much exploring as possible, and make it back to the airport just in time to board?

I don’t know what you’d pick. But can you take a wild guess which one I’d choose?

That’s right, I’d choose option two any day.

But do you know what I’ve noticed? There are actually people out there who would choose the first option every single time. Crazy, right? Even more shocking, one of them is a very good friend of mine.

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When I was a junior in college, I got the opportunity to travel to Europe for my Western Civilization class. The week before we left, I remember receiving a very detailed itinerary from our trip leader, and the first thing I noticed was a nine-hour layover in Chicago.

Normally, I wouldn’t get pumped about a nine-hour layover anywhere. But, I was a 21-year-old southern girl who had never been up north. So, the potential to have a big chunk of time to sightsee, shop, and eat my way through a very cool northern city got me pumped.

I immediately called one of my good friends who was also going on the trip. Our conversation went a little something like this:

Me: Guess what? We have nine hours in Chicago! We can go sightseeing, tour the city, and try new restaurants!

Friend: No, we can’t.

Me: We can’t?

Friend: No. We can’t do that. We can’t leave the airport.

Me: How do you know? Did you read something I missed?

Friend: No. I’m just sure we can’t go.

Me: Did someone tell you that? Like a leader or a past participant?

Friend: No. I’m just sure we can’t go.

Me: That’s so interesting, because I am so sure we can.

I learned something about myself and other people that day. There tend to be two personality styles when it comes to trying new things. There are those who, when in doubt, assume they can’t. And there are those who, when the information or rules are not clear, assume they can.

But you know what? Regardless of how you’re wired, you will go further and faster in life when you assume that you can. More importantly, someone who assumes they can do whatever it is they want to do is more willing, able and confident to try new things. And trying new things in life and in business is vital to growth.

Your life will be small and predictable if all you ever do is what you know—if you only ever stick to is what is safe. That’s not the life God wants for you. He wants you to push the limits, get outside your comfort zone and try something new.

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Oh, and in case you were wondering, a group of 21-year-olds who were paying for a trip to Europe can, in fact, leave an airport to run around Chicago for a few hours. And once my friend got all the approvals she needed, we had an amazing time exploring the city.

I don’t want you to miss out on all that God has prepared for you. That’s why I want to encourage you to train yourself to assume you can. Because when you do, you’ll try new things, see new things, experience new things, and grow in new ways.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying you need to change things just for the sake of changing them. If something in your life is rocking and rolling, keep doing that. However, don’t let things get stale in your life. Don’t keep doing what you’ve always been doing simply because you’ve always done it that way. Bring renewed vigor into your life by mixing things up a bit.

Here are three tactical things you can do this week to try something new:

1. Add some personality.

Maybe, up until this point, everything has been strictly business—in work, in your parenting, and in your marriage. That’s no fun! I want to encourage you to add some playfulness and humor into the mix.

Don’t just show your followers the good stuff. Laugh at yourself as you show them some failures and mistakes you’ve experienced that week. Tell them all the ridiculous things that happened. People love that kind of realness. When you add personality to your business, it not only makes it fun for your followers, it makes it fun for you. Win-win!

2. Show behind the scenes.

Have you ever noticed how reality TV shows will always show a person’s backstory before they get on the stage to sing or dance? Y’all, that’s on purpose. People love to hear other people’s backstories, especially when there’s a redemption angle. So, what can you share to become more relatable? I love the quote by Fred Rogers (Mister Rogers) that says, “Frankly, there isn’t anyone you couldn’t learn to love once you’ve heard their story.”

This week, why not try pulling the curtain back and revealing a few secrets?

3. Learn something new.

This is probably my favorite. You’ll never know the limits of your capabilities if you don’t learn something new. There are so many ways to do this: Listen to a new podcast, attend an event, read a new book, or seek out a new relationship. When you invite something new into your business and life, every part of you experiences growth.

I know new things can be scary and overwhelming. But I promise you that everything you want— everything that’s good and worthwhile in the world—exists outside your comfort zone. So, assume that you can, try something new, and I promise you’ll be glad that you did.

Embracing Change with Kelsey Humphreys

Kelsey Humphreys is the queen of trying new things. Hence why introducing her consists of a long list of talents: She’s a speaker, comedienne, author, musician, YouTuber and host of The Kelsey Show podcast. In everything she does, she keeps one mission top-of-mind: To get you laughing and keep you moving toward your goals.

I love that she uses so many different avenues to accomplish that mission. But how was she able to discover all those talents she’s capable of? You got it: By having the courage to try new things.

Kelsey started her career in corporate advertising. She worked her way up the ladder when, one year, a frozen yogurt company reached out and asked her if she would run all of their marketing and branding for their more than 200 stores. This new giant client allowed her to leave the corporate world to start her own business as a freelancer.

But when this major client was sold to another company, Kelsey had two options: She could seek out new clients and continue building her freelance business, or she could do what she really wanted to do—start her own show. The rest, as they say, is history.

On this episode, Kelsey and I talk about:

  • How to discover who you are by trying new things
  • How to overcome the fear of rejection
  • What to do with failure when you try something new
  • Discovering new avenues for pursuing what you love
  • How to fit new things into what you’re already doing

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Setting the Right Expectations

Every spring, my husband and I take an extended weekend vacation to the beach—just the two of us. After the long winter season, all we want is to spend a few days with the sun beaming down on our faces.

As we were planning this trip, we kept coming across this one hotel that had great reviews. People recommended it again and again. It had a beautiful infinity pool overlooking the beach and oceanfront rooms. It had everything we wanted, so we booked it.

The day finally came when it was time to fly down to Florida. But the moment we pulled into the hotel, I was confused. This hotel was not on the ocean. It was on a busy street. I was mystified because every single photo we saw online showed the hotel right on the beach.

I was amazed at how they managed to manipulate the photos to suspiciously remove the busy street where the hotel actually sat. As you can imagine, all my excitement and anticipation for this trip diminished. I’d looked forward to walking out of the hotel and immediately stepping onto the sand. I’d fantasized about listening from my balcony as the waves crashed on the shore. And now, none of that would be possible.

But here’s the thing: If the hotel’s website had mentioned that this hotel was on a busy street that led to another street actually connected to the beach, I wouldn’t have been disappointed when I arrived. I would’ve known exactly what I was signing up for, or I would’ve booked a different hotel that offered what I was looking for.

It’s so easy to do this in business. You want to attract more customers, so you make big, grand promises. But do you know what happens if you don’t meet those expectations? Your customers are disappointed because you overpromised and under-delivered.

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So, I want to encourage you to do something different. I want you to under-promise and over-deliver to your clients. Be incredibly realistic and conservative with your quotes, timelines and capabilities. Be conservative about what you know you can do, and then blow your customers away. Exceed their expectations. When you do this, not only will your customers be much happier, but they’ll come back, too.

1:19 Three Tactical Things You Can Do This Week to Try Something New

13:37 Embracing Change with Kelsey Humphreys

41:44 Challenge to Set the Right Expectations for Your Customers


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