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The Business Boutique is a growing community of women who are making money doing what they love. In each episode, business coach and Ramsey Personality Christy Wright takes a deep dive into topics like marketing, selling, social media and profits. Episodes include featured interviews with top experts in each of these areas. Christy delivers motivating and thought-provoking messages while sharing stories of women who have found success that will inspire you on your journey.
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Jun 26, 2018

I heard a statistic recently that absolutely shocked me: seven out of every ten Americans say they don’t like their jobs. Um, what?

I don’t know about you, but that number floored me. I mean, let’s think about it. Seventy percent of us show up day in and day out—like for at least eight hours at a time—to a job that we don’t even enjoy? That’s a whole lot of unhappy people, working a whole lot of hours, doing something they hate.

Ya’ll, I don’t get it. That makes no sense to me. None.

But maybe you’re in that place right now. Or maybe you’re wanting to make some extra money. Or maybe you just need a creative outlet.

Regardless of your motivation, I’ve got a great solution.

Have you ever considered starting a side hustle?

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Is It Possible to Grow a Side Hustle If I Work a Full-Time Job?

What you probably don’t realize is that what you know today as Business Boutique actually started as a side hustle—while I was working a full-time job!

Let’s just say, necessity is truly the mother of invention.

When I was first pursing my passion as a coach, in order to get my coaching credential, I had to fulfill a certain number of hours, well, coaching. I wasn’t a Ramsey Personality yet. In fact, I was only speaking on a part-time basis for our company.

So I thought, why not start a little business on the side coaching others? That way, I could earn my business coach certification and earn some extra income. A win-win, right?

Fast forward a few years and that side business has now evolved into Business Boutique.

So no matter your schedule, obligations, and commitments, it’s possible to start a side hustle and also work full-time. And with enough passion and determination, I know you can do it too.

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How Do I Start a Side Hustle When I’m Already So Busy With My Full-time Job?

I’m going to be completely honest. Working two jobs at the same time is not easy. You will be doing a lot of juggling.

But side businesses are a great way to help you reach your goals. And finding work you’re passionate about—work that is fulfilling and challenging and exhilarating—is worth every sacrifice along the way.

Work can be fun, y’all! You can do something you love and get paid for it!

Don’t forget that.

In this episode, we’ll talk about:

  • How to define the objectives of your side hustle
  • The importance of setting goals
  • Creative ways to find time
  • When to ask for help
  • Why to celebrate milestones
  • When to turn a side hustle into a full-time gig

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My Guest This Week Is Jake Vehyl!

My guest this week is Jake Vehyl, founder of Nashville-based cookie company Jake’s Bakes!

Five years ago, Jake had a full-time job—and a big dream of starting his own business. But like many of you, he didn’t know how to do it or have a lot of money to sink into a new venture.

That’s when Jake made a very smart decision: to start small.

Instead of going into crazy debt purchasing expensive commercial grade baking equipment, he found a restaurant to lease space from during off hours. That decision not only saved a ton of cash, but it allowed Jake to work his day job and then head to the restaurant afterwards to bake until midnight.

Yes, the hours were insanely long—and his social life definitely took a backseat—but Jake is the first to tell you that all of that hard work paid off. In less than two years, Jake’s Bakes expanded from a delivery-only business to their first retail storefront.

And you won’t believe how this story ends! Even Jake didn’t see this coming.

In this episode, Jake and I will talk about:

  • How to figure out what kind of side hustle to start
  • What to do when faced with initial obstacles
  • How to manage inevitable risks
  • Why a “perfect” plan does not exist
  • How to know when to quit your full-time job

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Success Story: Kristin Ostrander and!

Our success story this week is Kristin Ostrander, founder of!

This woman amazes me. She’s a mom of three, a wife, and a total go-getter who isn’t afraid of a challenge. And she has been through it all, y’all.

Her journey has been anything but easy.

In 2003, Kristin began selling her children’s clothing on eBay to supplement her husband’s income and as a way to buy new clothes for her growing family.

As she says, “There was always more month than there was money!”

But that slowly changed over that next five years as Kristin continued to grow her eBay business. A move to selling on Amazon in 2008 proved to be even more profitable, but then tragedy struck her family.

By 2010, Kristin and her family lost their home to foreclosure and had to start over from scratch.

Join us to find out how Kristin overcame even the most insurmountable obstacles—one step at a time—and ended up with a million-dollar Amazon business and a closer relationship with God.

And that’s just the beginning of Kristin’s story. In 2014, she launched as a way to help others find success on Amazon. I can’t wait for you to get to know her better!

Lastly, don’t forget that I love hearing from you! Remember, you can send me your questions or comments by email or twitter. Or give me a call on my new toll-free line at 844.944.1074. You just might hear your question on a future episode!

1:14 How to Grow a Side Hustle While Working Full-Time

18:11 Interview with Jake Vehyl

40:47 BB Success Story with Kristin Ostrander


57:40 Homework

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Jun 12, 2018

Over the past three years, one of my most favorite things has been meeting women at Business Boutique events all across the country who are there for one reason: Their husbands bought them a ticket.

Y’all, let’s take a second. How amazing is that?

This crazy, wonderful, exhilarating journey of chasing their dream started because someone—an incredibly supportive husband, in this case—believed in them. That right there is a dream in and of itself. And believe me, I know. I have one of those rock star husbands too.

Is Your Husband on Board With Your Business?

My husband is my confidant, my teammate, my number one fan—but even he can get overwhelmed by yet another one of my big ideas. Any dreamers out there? Y’all know exactly what I’m talking about.

But you know what I’ve discovered? Usually when that happens, it’s because I simply didn’t give him enough information or enough time to process it all. Or, let’s be honest, maybe in my excitement, I jumped all the way from A to Z and just plain scared him!

The good news is it’s possible to get even the most hesitant husband interested and on board with your business. (Really!)

The best place to start? Take a look at the way you talk to him about your business.

What Is the Best Way to Talk to My Husband About My Business?

Here’s the deal: A big dream calls for one heck of a powerful communication strategy, whether you’re talking to your customers or your very own spouse.

If you want to get your husband on board with your business, you have to first help him understand the meaning behind your work. And I’ve got three tips to help you do just that.

In this episode, I’ll talk about the importance of:

  • Explaining your why
  • Asking your husband what he needs
  • Showing him the ways your business brings you joy

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My Guest This Week Is My Husband, Matt Wright!

My guest this week is my very own husband, Matt Wright—also known as my biggest cheerleader. There’s nothing I can’t accomplish with that man by my side. I’m so proud of him, and I’m so proud he’s mine.

I am so excited for you all to get to know him a little better—and I’m excited for Matt to tell you what it’s like being married to a woman who is chasing a big business dream.

So, Matt and I have been married for six years now, and in all that time, he’s never left me speechless—until a few weeks ago.

Now, anyone who knows me or has ever listened to this podcast knows that I’m a talker. I am not what you’d call quiet. Or shy—at all. One could say that I have a lot to say, a lot of the time. Shocking, I know!

I recently asked Matt what he thinks is the best way for a woman to get her husband on board with her business. Y’all, his answer blew me away.

Without hesitation, he explained, “I think husbands should support our wives because that’s our responsibility. If you’re married, it’s your responsibility to support one another.”

What?! He totally called out men to do the right thing. And I love him for it.

I also love that he offered a completely different perspective that had never occurred to me. That’s invaluable.

But let’s be honest: Actions speak louder than words. And sometimes competing responsibilities, other commitments, kids, and everyday life just get in the way.

That’s why I wanted Matt to share his thoughts on specific ways for your spouse to become more interested—more personally invested—in your business.

In this podcast, Matt and I will talk about:

  • Looking for common threads in both your businesses so you can help one another
  • Respecting your husband’s feelings as they relate to your business
  • The best ways to manage expectations and become a true team
  • How to make your husband still feel like a priority in your life
  • Thinking about your business from your husband’s perspective

What Do I Do If My Husband Doesn’t Support My Dream?

In a perfect world, every single woman chasing a dream would have a supportive husband behind her. Sadly, I know that’s not the reality for everyone. But it’s never too late for your marriage to become a real partnership.

Please believe me when I tell you that. You need to work on changing the dynamic of your relationship to create a new normal around your business.

I know you can do it. And I’m going to share four ways to help you gain your husband’s support.

If you’re as hard driving as I am, some of these may be a struggle for you. But trust me. They are worth your time and your patience.

I have another challenge for you. Have your husband listen to the rest of this episode with you. I’m going to be answering questions from husbands whose wives are pursuing their business dreams just like you.

I think it will be extremely informative and helpful for both of you.

Lastly, don’t forget that I love hearing from you! Send me your questions or comments by email or Twitter. Or give me a call on my new toll-free line at 844.944.1074. You just might hear your question on a future episode!

1:19 5 How to Include Your Husband in Your Business

7:38 Interview with Matt Wright

36:46 Encouragement to Communicate with Your Husband


57:12 Homework

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